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The HIGH TIMES Seattle US Cannabis Cup: September 7-8

Although it feels as if the San Francisco Medical Cannabis Cup just ended, the Seattle US Cannabis Cup is already less than a month away!

The HIGH TIMES Seattle US Cannabis Cup will take place September 7 & 8 at the Freemont Studios. Since Washington voted last November to make adult recreational cannabis use legal, the cup will be open to all adults 21 and over.

The two-day HIGH TIMES event will feature a number of seminars from some of the biggest names in the industry, a Saturday night Slightly Stoopid & Redman concert, and a Sunday awards ceremony crowning the best cannabis, edibles and cannabis concentrates in the nation. Top companies in the industry will be displaying their products & attendees will be able to sample some of the best cannabis & concentrates in Washington.

“The HIGH TIMES Seattle US Cannabis Cup will take place September 7 & 8 at the Freemont Studios.”

Super VIP two-day passes are on sale on for $269 + $7.72 fee, and include entrance to both days of the cup, VIP gift bag, US Cannabis Cup t-shirt, & tickets to the Saturday night concert. Super VIP also includes access to the “roped-off-front-of-stage concert viewing area” at the concert as well as round trip transportation to and from the concert.

Non-VIP two-day tickets are available for $159 + $4.97 fee and include everything the Super package does except access to the roped off area and transportation to and from the concert.

For those of you who can only make Saturday or Sunday, one-day tickets are available for purchase for $50. Individual tickets to the Homegrown concert are also available for $60.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: HIGH TIMES has announced that there is a company calling itself High Times Travel LLC ( that has illegally infringed on their trademark to sell travel packages for the upcoming US Cup in Seattle. Please be warned that this company is in no way affiliated with HIGH TIMES Magazine.

If you purchased a travel package from them, please contact HIGH TIMES immediately by emailing them at

Winners Of The Cannabis Cup (Updated)

Best Sativa

FIRST PLACE — TJ’s Platinum Label from TJ’s Organic Gardens

SECOND PLACE — Tres Dawg from Fweedom Collective by Fire Bros

THIRD PLACE — OG Ghost Train Haze #1 from A Greener Today


FIRST PLACE — True OG from Only The Best (OTB)

SECOND PLACE — Star Dawg from Evergreen Patient Network

THIRD PLACE — TJ’s Purple Label from TJ’s Organic Gardens


FIRST PLACE — Ewok from Fweedom Collective by Fire Bros

SECOND PLACE — Jack One (aka Rebel Alliance) from Triple Mega

THIRD PLACE — El Jeffe from Only The Best (OTB)


FIRST PLACE — H.G.H. Goji OG Overshatter from VFL Collective

SECOND PLACE — OG Thin Mints from Gold Coast Extracts

THIRD PLACE — After Life OG Honeycomb from Exotic Genetix


FIRST PLACE — Dynasty OG Solventless from Urban Healing Collective & Green Masons

SECOND PLACE — Orange LifeSaver from Stay Concentrated

THIRD PLACE — BAMF Lemon OG Solventless from VFL Collective


FIRST PLACE — Day Dreamers High CBD Chocolate Bar from SJ Patients Group

SECOND PLACE — Be The Light Golden Frankincese Truffle from Cheffettes

THIRD PLACE — Ettalew’s Medibles Sampler from Greenside Medical


FIRST PLACE — Veganic Strawberry Cough from Kushman Genetics/Buds & Roses LA

SECOND PLACE — Uncle Jim from Camo Collective Gardens

THIRD PLACE — Master Yoda from Kush Connection


FIRST PLACE — Whitewalker OG from Gold Coast Extracts

SECOND PLACE — Killer Bee OG from Brutal Bee Concentrates & Precision Oil Tech

THIRD PLACE — H.G.H. Goji O.G. from VFL Collective


FLOWER — Catatonic from Elemental Wellness Center – San Jose

CONCENTRATE — CBD Simple from Phytosphere Systems

EDIBLE — C.B. Can-D Lollies from MTG Seeds


Kush Creams Kit from Kush Creams

Best Booth

FIRST PLACE – Cali Connection

SECOND PLACE – California Finest

THIRD PLACE – Oilslick

Best Product

FIRST PLACE – Oilslick – Oilslick

SECOND PLACE – California Finest Medical Marijuana Cigarettes – California Finest

THIRD PLACE – 710 Kan – 710 Kan

Best Glass

FIRST PLACE – Sasquatch Glass – Sasquatch Glass

SECOND PLACE – Get Connected – Cali Connection

THIRD PLACE – Silika Glass – Silika Glass


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