About us

mjlogoMedical Jane was founded on a set of beliefs and principles that patients and caregivers should have access to reliable, timely, and cost-free medical cannabis information. Since its launch in 2012, Medical Jane has worked diligently to create a patient-focused resource offering trustworthy education, helpful guides, and access to industry professionals. Quickly becoming the voice for medical cannabis patients and caregivers worldwide, Medical Jane continues to grow by providing valuable content that is held to a loved one standard.

The loved one standard is what sets Medical Jane apart from other cannabis publications, resources, and communities. At the core of Medical Jane’s mission, vision, and services, the loved one standard means that professionally we serve, but personally we care. Medical Jane is committed to treating patients, caregivers, and their family members with the same degree of care, respect, and attention that we would give our own loved ones.

Our mission

Our mission at Medical Jane is to provide the world’s largest free resource of safe, professional, and reliable information about medical cannabis. Lending a helping hand to patients and caregivers every step of the way, Medical Jane strives to inspire hope, empower, educate, and improve the quality of life of patients who want to be more proactive in their healthcare decisions, and want to explore the benefits by integrating medical cannabis into their own healthcare plan.

The purpose of Medical Jane is to objectively educate the public, not just sell a product. Be aware of sites, organizations, and practitioners whose main interest is in marketing products. Medical Jane will only provide links and references to reliable, authoritative sources. The internet is a rich source of cannabis information, but it is also an easy channel for spreading alleged news, myths, unproven products and findings.

Our policies

Advertising Policy
Medical Jane requires advertisers to provide ads that are accurate, in good taste, and otherwise comply with our Advertising Policy.

Corrections Policy
Medical Jane is committed to making corrections or clarifications to original content when it deems necessary.

Editorial Policy
Our mission is to bring you objective, trustworthy, and timely medical cannabis and wellness information.

Privacy Policy
We understand that health is a very personal, private subject, and we want you to feel as comfortable as possible visiting our web site and using its services.

Sponsor Policy
Medical Jane takes several steps to ensure that you can clearly identify content that is provided by and paid for by our sponsors.

Terms of Service
It is important to understand our Terms and Conditions of Use before using any portion of our site.

Creative Commons License
All Content by Medical Jane is licensed under a Creative Commons license.

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Medical Jane is always looking to collaborate with experienced individuals that are passionate about educating the masses on the cannabis plant and its potential medicinal applications. If you have any interest in joining the movement, we invite you to send us your resume.