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Chalice California: Hitman Glass Celebrates Cannabis Concentrates

Scheduled for next month, Chalice California is shaping up to be one of the best cannabis-industry events in recent memory. It is a celebration of cannabis concentrates first and foremost, but there is plenty to be excited about.

Chalice California Highlights The Culture Surrounding Dabbing

Presented by Hitman Glass, Chalice California has been in the works for quite a while. Watching so many cups and events pop up inspired Hitman Dougie to create an event that would celebrate concentrates, the people who helped to evolve them to what they are today, and the culture that is erupting around them.

In doing so, he decided to hold a fair and respectable competition that highlights the best that the concentrate community has to offer. While the Best Overall Concentrate competition will be the centerpiece of Chalice California, awards will also be given for the Best Edible, Best Solvent entry, and Best Non-Solvent entry. Furthermore, one male and one female will each receive an award for their dedication to the rapidly-developing industry.

Competitors in the concentrate category must provide 30 grams of their entry at intake between June 30th and July 2nd. This will then be broken down as follows: 1 gram will be lab-tested by Steep Hill Halent, 8 private judges (Mila Jansen, Kenny Morrow, and Nikka T to name a few) will receive 0.5 grams each, and 250 public judges will receive 0.1 gram each to help choose a winner.

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Entrants in the edible category must provide 250 edibles – one for each public judge.

“The winner of the prize for Best Overall Concentrate will go home with a Hitman Glass X Joes Peters Torch tube.”

For entering, competitors will each receive an event shirt, a competitor rig from Hitman Glass, and a 2-day general admission pass to attend the Chalice California festival. Each winner will receive a trophy and a framed certificate to commemorate their victory, and the winner of the prize for Best Overall Concentrate will go home with a Hitman Glass X Joes Peters Torch tube.

Those interested in attending Chalice California have 3 different ticket options. 2-day general admission passes can be purchased for $70 (1-day passes are also available); VIP passes cost $100 and come with an event shirt and a swag bag.

Part of what sets Chalice California apart from other competitions is that a limited amount of public judges will have the opportunity to help choose a winner. Public judges will receive one judge kit with samples of each edible, non-solvent, and solvent entry. A Judge’s pass will run you $500 and comes with a judge rig from Hitman Glass.

Chalice California: Live Glassblowing In Glassblower Village

It’s no secret that the concentrate and glassblowing communities are tightly connected. Events like CHAMPS and AGE have long been able to combine the two worlds with their series of B2B, industry-only gatherings, but it’s rare that the two come together for an event focused on end-consumers.

“During Chalice California, Glassblower Village will be the site of a live Pendant contest.”

Hitman’s position as one of the most respected glass companies in the industry puts them in a good position to get the glass community involved in Chalice California.

glass blower villageThanks to this, there will be an entire area of the festival called Glassblower Village to give the public an intimate setting to meet and greet with 75-100 glass artists, including fan favorites like Saki Bomb, Darby, D-Wreck, Nate Dizzle and more.

During Chalice California, Glassblower Village will be the site of a live Pendant contest. Throughout the festival, different artists will take turns making a glass pendant on site to submit for judging.

Each pendant will be donated to the festival in exchange for a table/portion of a booth for glassblowers to vend their wares at the event – they will then be made available for purchase through Chalice California. The winner of the pendant contest will be awarded $1,000 in cash.

Chalice California At The NOS Events Center In San Bernardino

With any festival, there is always the question of who is going to provide the entertainment. Perhaps what sets Chalice California apart from other cannabis industry events is the musical talent that they’ve already locked-in.

Gracing the Chalice California stage will be STS9, Les Claypool’s Duo de Twang, E-40, and Hieroglyphics just to name a few. With those names alone, it’s hard to think of another cannabis industry event that has been able to top that. But it doesn’t stop there – the entire line-up can be found here.

More than simply a music festival, those who attend Chalice California will be have a chance to learn from some of the most respected names in the industry. There are educational panels and seminars scheduled throughout the weekend.

Whenever I speak with the people hosting an event in the cannabis industry, I like to gauge what it will be like from how excited they are. With that said, Hitman Dougie’s excitement for event tells me that those who attend are in for a serious treat. “I have like 75 glassblowers coming,” he told me. “It can’t not be epic!” Double negative aside, I have to agree.

Chalice California will be held July 12-13. Those interested in buying tickets may find them here. Enter the code “medical” for 10% off general admission and VIP tickets.

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Chalice California July 12 - 13, 2014

Presented by Hitman Glass, Chalice is an event meant to celebrate the progression and evolution of cannabis concentrates.Chalice is a project Hitman has been working on for some time. Watching so many cups and events …