2014 US Cannabis Cup (Denver)

EXDO Event Center 1399 35th Street Denver, CO 80205

About this Event

HIGH TIMES held the first ever US Cannabis Cup in Denver after Colorado voted to legalize cannabis for adult use in 2012. The city had already held two Medical Cannabis Cups, but the first “recreational” event drew the most attendants in the Cup’s short history on American soil.

There are currently two US Cannabis Cups held each year – one in Washington and another in Colorado.

The 2014 US Cannabis Cup in Denver will be held at the EXDO Event Center (location subject to change) April 19-20.

You can learn more about the event at their website: http://cannabiscup.com/denver.

Awards Given (21) Are we missing any?

Best Medical Edible

People's Choice Cup: Flowers

People's Choice Cup: Hash

Best Medical Indica

Best US Indica

Best US Sativa

Best Medical Sativa

Best US Hybrid

Best Medical Hybrid

Best US Concentrate

Best Medical Concentrate

Best US Non-Solvent Hash

Best US Edible

High CBD (Edible)

High CBD (Concentrate)

High CBD (Flower)

Best Product

Best Medical Non-Solvent Hash

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