Portrait of Bradley Steinman


Bradley Steinman was born in Buffalo Grove, IL, to a tax attorney and speech pathologist. He was a direct admit to the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University, one of the nation’s top-ranked undergraduate business school programs. As a law student, Bradley founded Law Students for Sensible Drug Policy with the support and encouragement of the two different NORML legal committee attorneys that he clerked for during law school, Portland’s John Lucy IV and Leland R Berger.

Bradley helped draft what would eventually become HB 3460, Oregon’s dispensary legalization law, and helped finalize the language of Measure 91 – Oregon’s adult-use cannabis legalization law. While newly admitted to practice as an Oregon lawyer, Bradley was formally mentored by David Kopilak,the primary drafter of Oregon’s Measure 91.

Bradley is the owner and founder of Green Business Law LLC, a SE Portland, OR solo law practice that focuses on the intersection of cannabis and business. He is a member of the Americans for Safe Access Legal Committee, the NORML Legal Committee, represents the Oregon Cannabis Business Council in ongoing impact litigation, and has been an instrumental figure in the rollout of the legal cannabis industry of Oregon, and the transition from prohibition to legalization. Bradley is also a pro bono volunteer attorney for Clemency Project 2014.

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