Portrait of Brian Smith


Brian Smith is the Founder and Managing Director of Empathy Foundation of America. Brian was into a very different industry though during the earlier part of his career. Once getting diagnosed with liver failure with cancerous tumors from a pharmaceutical called Accutane his life changed forever. This diagnosis came after the economy had just gone into the recession and Brian had lost his health care due to having to declare bankruptcy after being in the housing industry before the mortgage crisis, After years without health care in 2014 when the affordable care act went into affect he was able to be added to the liver transplant list.

Then he found out quickly in his state, Maryland cannabis use would have him removed from the liver transplant list without a prescription. However Maryland did not have a functional medical marijuana program still even after years approving a program. He quickly became one of the states biggest activist and has focused his life on cannabis medical research and helping make sure he can work towards providing treatment for everyone who wishes to have access to medical marijuana. His research now has earned him the respect to collaborate in on some new innovation in the cannabis industry and even while still sick Brian is writing treatment theories to clinical research as well as cannabis genetics and extraction innovation theories currently in testing phases as well.


Empathy Foundation of America
Founder and Managing Director
The Empathy Foundation of America is a multiple non-profit organization a 501(c)3 Empathy Foundation of America Inc. and a 501(c)4 organization .All which have filed to Operate under the Trade name Empathy Foundation of America Inc.. Articles of Incorporation were filed as of November 17, 2014 in Maryland when Maryland passed Medical Marijuana Regulations on November 13, 2014. We are recently established and IRS approval is pending at this point donations can not be guaranteed to be tax deductible. Brian Smith is the Founder and Managing Director and is a cancer patient with liver cancer and is on …

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