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Martin A Lee is an activist, journalist, and author who has published a number of works, including Smoke Signals: A Social History of Marijuana – Medical, Recreational, and Scientific. He is Co-Founder & Director of Project CBD, a non-profit organization he started with Fred Gardner in 2010.

Lee co-authored his first book, Acid Dreams: The CIA, LSD and the Sixties Rebellion, in 1985. It explored the use of LSD during the 1960’s, including mind control experiments conducted by the CIA.

Lee went on to co-found Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR) in 1986 in order to eliminate corporate and establishment media bias. He served as the first Editor of the organizations publication Extra! and later became its Publisher. Lee co-authored his second book, Unreliable Sources: A Guide to Detecting Bias in News Media, in 1990 as an expansion on his work with FAIR.

Despite his work in non-fiction literature, Lee may be most recognized for his as an investigative journalist. He was awarded the Pope Foundation Award for Investigative Journalism in 1994. Lee covered the medical cannabis movement for years in the pages of O’Shaughnessy’s, before founding Project CBD.


Project CBD
Co-Founder & Director
Founded by Martin A. Lee and Fred Gardner in 2010, Project CBD is a non-profit organization based in Northern California. It exists to defend and promote whole-plant cannabis treatments. Project CBD promotes and publicizes research about the benefits of cannabidiol (CBD) and the rest of the phytocannabinoids. In turn, they update doctors and patients of developments in cannabinoid science. Furthermore, the Project CBD website maintains a list of dispensaries and caregivers that maintain a selection of CBD-rich cannabis strains. MANTIS_RECOMMEND = { property: '53422cdc8e92f89afbf09d5f', render: 'mantis__recommended__wordpress' }; var z = document.createElement("script"); z.type = "text/javascript"; z.async = true; …

In The News

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January 29, 2014

Georgia Law-Maker Introduces Limited Medical Marijuana Initiative
ATLANTA, GA — A measure to implement a restricted medical marijuana program is gaining momentum in Georgia. State Representative Allen Peake (R-Macon) introduced a bill Tuesday that would legalize a non-psychoactive strain of cannabis for a limited number of patients. A particular strain of medical marijuana with high concentrations of cannabidiol (CBD) would only be made available to those suffering from severe seizure disorders, such as Dravet’s Syndrome. Rep. Peake Calls On CBD-Rich Cannabis …
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December 20, 2013

RECAP: The Emerald Cup Celebrates Ten Years Of Growth In Northern California
SANTA ROSA, CA — Cannabis enthusiasts from all walks of life gathered at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds this past weekend to celebrate a successful harvest, while exchanging knowledge with friends new and old. Uprooting from its traditional location in the “Emerald Triangle,” the epicenter of California cannabis, The Emerald Cup migrated to Santa Rosa in 2013. Founded by Tim Blake ten years ago, The Emerald Cup is the longest running outdoor organic growing competition in the world. The flagship event was held in Laytonville, CA and drew just 23 …
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November 19, 2013

Cannabidiol (CBD) Makes Its Way To The Forefront
It is no secret that tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) received the most attention in the past as far as cannabinoids are concerned. Growers in search of strains with the strongest high used selective breeding techniques to build their plants’ THC levels over time. Interest In Cannabidiol (CBD) Research Is Rising “CBD has grabbed the attention of breeders across America.” As a result, cannabis testing labs across the US began reporting THC results above 25%, but at a price. Many of these strains were, and still are, incredibly low in …

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