Chocolate Covered Pretzels from Compassion Edibles

Cannabis Infused, Chocolate Covered Pretzels From Compassion Edibles

Continuing their 14-year tradition of producing quality cannabis-infused products, Compassion Edibles produces chocolate covered pretzels. It is one of the company’s many Extra Strength options, containing 140 mg of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) total.

Compassion Edibles Creates Tasty, Effective Infused Treats

Based in the San Francisco Bay area, Compassion Edibles strives to produce the best-tasting and most effective infused edibles to cannabis patients in California. They have an impressively wide range of products, and the company recently kicked it into full gear, drastically increasing its reach over the past few months.

“The company provides a number of unique concoctions, such as Baklava, Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel Bar, and these Chocolate Covered Pretzels.”

Compassion Edibles has been a patient favorite for over a decade – the company was founded by Mickey Martin under the name Tainted Edibles in 2000.

Prior to their facilities being raided by the FDA during the same year, Compassion/Tainted Inc. offered a total of 52 different products in various sizes and strengths.

The company decided to regroup in 2013 and redesigned their product line, while paying homage to their past offering. They are best known for their line of Tainted Truffles (French Chocolate, Black and White, Bacon Chocolate, etc.), but Compassion offers a variety of cannabis-infused treats sweets, including Chocolate Chip Cookies, Caramel Corn and more.

Another major portion of the Compassion Edibles product offering is their line signatue products. The company provides a number of unique concoctions, such as Baklava, Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel Bar, and these Chocolate Covered Pretzels.

chocolate covered pretzels

Extra Strength Chocolate Covered Pretzels

After reviewing the Baklava, I was excited to try another one of Compassion Edibles’ extra strength edible options. I decided to go with the Chocolate Covered Pretzels this time around.

I’ve said it before, but it is the detailed information on each package that I appreciate most about Compassion Edibles. The display includes a prominent warning label that reads, “CONTAINS CANNABIS”, as well as another warning that the product contains peanuts.

Furthermore, I was happy to see that Compassion Edibles clearly dictates which strains of cannabis they use in each recipe. The list of ingredients for the Chocolate Covered Pretzels are as follows:

  • Dark Chocolate & White Chocolate – Dark Chocolate; Sugar, Palm Kernel Oils, Cocoa, Non-Fat Milk, Soya Lecithin Emulsifier, Chocolate Liquor, Soy Lecithin
  • Pretzels – Wheat & Malted Barley Flour, Iron, Yeast, Partially Hydrogenated Soybean Oil, Salt, Corn Syrup, Salt
  • Cannabis Butter (Primarily Sour Diesel and OG Kush)

Also provided on Compassion Edibles’ labeling is a note that estimates how much dried cannabis each package contains (≈11.62 grams), born on/best by dates, and a lot number in order to allow Compassion to track each batch they produce.

The company recently added bar codes to their packaging as well, and we’ll be looking to update this review with pictures that reflect this change as soon as possible.

The only other piece of information I would personally like to see on Compassion Edible’s labeling is a more detailed breakdown of the cannabinoid profile. While it clearly provides the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content (140 mg), I would love to know how much cannabidiol (CBD), cannabinol (CBN), etc. is contained in each package.

How Might Extra Strength Chocolate Covered Pretzels Affect Me?

According to the Compassion Edibles website, they want their packaging to look like a product you could find in your local pharmacy. However, all that is thrown out the door once you open the package.

Compassion’s Chocolate Covered Pretzels possesses the sort of artisan-style appeal that one would expect to see from a gourmet chocolatier. They consist of buttery baked pretzels dipped in cannabis-infused dark chocolate and topped with an infused white chocolate drizzle.

“Half a bag of Compassion’s Chocolate Covered Pretzels (70 mg of THC) was enough to deliver some much needed muscle relief without leaving me drowsy.”

Living in Southern California, we often have to deal with heat related issues when it comes to cannabis-infused chocolate. This was the case with the Compassion’s Chocolate Covered Pretzels, as the chocolate melted while our delivery was en route.

Not to worry, a short stint in the refrigerator resolved this issue in no time, although it caused the individual pretzels to meld together.

I found the Extra Stength Chocolate Covered Pretzels to be a delicious mixture of butter, salt, and chocolate. I was able to detect a slight cannabis taste from the pretzels, which would usually be a problem, but it was a great compliment to the butter-based pretzels.

Half a bag of Compassion’s Chocolate Covered Pretzels (70 mg of THC) was enough to deliver some much needed muscle relief without leaving me drowsy. It delivered noticeable relief from pent-up stress, anxiety, and minor body aches in as little as 30 minutes. Patients with a lower tolerance for edibles may want to ration out the pretzels over the course of a day (or more) in order to acheive their desired dose.

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Compassion Edibles is a California-based infused edible company that got its start in 2000. The company was founded in the San Francisco Bay by Mickey Martin under the name Tainted Edibles.Compassion Medicinal Edibles/Tainted Inc. offered …

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