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Review: The DaVinci IQ is a Tiny Yet Powerful Session Vaporizer


  • Released: October 2016
  • Manufactured By: DaVinci
  • Manufactured In: China
  • Designed In: Nevada
  • Designed For:
    • Dry Herb
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Manufactured by DaVinci, the IQ vaporizer is the company’s third offering and one of the newest portable dry herb vapes on the market. Known most recently for its release of the wildly popular Ascent vaporizer, DaVinci has successfully made its name by offering vaporists quality portable vaporizers since early 2012. The DaVinci IQ retails for $274.99 and boasts a unique design available in several different finishes (stealth black, copper, blue, and gun metal), an all-ceramic vapor pathway, and a compatible smart phone app designed to help you control the temperature of each draw.

With a height of just 3.54 inches, the DaVinci IQ is easily one of the smallest vapes available today. Unlike many of the other portable vaporizers on the market that are designed for vaping dry herbs, the IQ is actually able to fit in your pocket between uses. Additionally, you can completely palm the IQ vaporizer when it is being used (for maximum discretion).

Review: The DaVinci IQ is a Tiny Yet Powerful Session Vaporizer

Despite the compact size and shape of the IQ, it still packs an impressive weight of 145 grams. If you ask me, this little bit of extra weight provides a lot by giving the unit a solid and durable feel. My first impression of the IQ after handling it- very classy and well designed, definitely not cheaply constructed.

Smart Path Technology

Designed to vape in sessions, the DaVinci IQ makes it easy to switch between preset temperature settings by pressing the up/down buttons on the side of the unit.

smartAdditionally, with the app from DaVinci, the IQ can be programmed to start at one temperature and then automatically increase or decrease to the next temperature setting after certain intervals of time.

This is what DaVinci refers to as Smart Path Technology. Using these “smart paths,” you have full control over the device’s temperature for your entire vape session, allowing you to customize the IQ to match your preferred vaping style. The IQ also offers users the ability to control and set the device’s temperature in one degree increments using what is known as Precision mode.

How to Use the DaVinci IQ

At first glance, I thought the black cylindrical container located in the top of the unit was the herb chamber, but after more research it became clear that the herb chamber is actually housed in the base of the unit. The black cylinder located under the top drawer of the IQ is instead used as an additional flavor chamber that is 100% optional to use. I personally see no need to fill this extra “flavor chamber” when the dry herb chamber holds a lot of material on its own and does a good job producing vapor and flavor, but perhaps you will find a useful application for the flavor chamber.

Review: The DaVinci IQ is a Tiny Yet Powerful Session Vaporizer

With the IQ, it is important that you pack your material into the herb chamber tight to get good vapor draws. Once the dry herb chamber is packed tightly in place with the help of the black Zirconia pearl, you’ll want to turn your IQ on by tapping the power (top button on the side of the unit) 5 times fast until the LEDs light up.

To change between one of the four pre-set temperatures, simply tap the up/down buttons on the side of the unit. By doing so, you will notice the LEDs on the front of the unit will indicate which temperature setting you have chosen. After about 1-2 seconds of selecting a temperature setting, your IQ should vibrate, which is meant to notify you that your IQ recognizes your selection. The LEDs will then continue to flash until the device reaches your desired heat setting — once this happens, the LEDs will remain solid.

There is also a Boost mode which can be accessed at any time during your session by holding down the top button on the side of the IQ. Once initiated, you should notice the LEDs on the front of the IQ showing up arrows indicating that the unit is rapidly heating up. This allows you to get a higher temperature vapor draw than you would normally get at the current heat setting. When vaping in groups, the boost feature allows everyone in the session to customize their draw the way they want without messing the settings up / being too hot for everyone else.

The DaVinci IQ includes rechargeable and replaceable batteries that can be charged using one of the following methods:

  1. Use the provided micro USB cable to charge your batteries when they are housed inside the unit. You can also use your IQ while your batteries are charging using this method.
  2. The removable batteries may also be charged with an external wall charger (not included) when they are removed from the unit, although you cannot use the IQ when charging your batteries using this method.
Review: The DaVinci IQ is a Tiny Yet Powerful Session Vaporizer

The DaVinci IQ Pros

  • The IQ utilizes haptic feedback / vibration technology in addition to 51 LEDs on the front of the unit which makes it easy to know when settings are initiated/buttons are pushed.
  • The removable 18650 battery and charging port makes charging the IQ easier than ever. You can even use the IQ when it’s being charged.
  • The provided app w/ smart path technology makes it fun to experiment with different temperatures until you find the perfect settings for a hassle-free vape session.
  • The on-demand “boost mode” is a nice touch if you are sharing a session with people who have different needs/temperature preferences. For instance, I like low temp, clear vapor but someone else may want it hotter and cloudy.
  • The IQ provides fast and powerful overall vapor production. Not only that, but it tastes great despite it being a conduction vape. In fact, the IQ may just produce the most flavorful draws on the market, but your experience will ultimately depend on how you choose to use this vape’s smart path technology.
  • The included adapter mouthpiece (the one that is extended vs flat) allows the vape to be versatile and fit onto glass pieces for further vapor diffusion if you desire.
  • The IQ will automatically shut off after 10 minutes of use to prevent fires / damage to the product.
  • The IQ includes a lot of extra accessories that aren’t necessary but add value (like the keychain tool).
  • You can customize your IQ by engraving the vaporizer during checkout for only $10 more in US or $40 more for international orders.

Areas for Improvement

  • I would love to see a replacement or additional “pearl” above the herb chamber that was longer so that you can pack the chamber with less material. For example, other handheld vaporizers offer spacers for this purpose. This would be especially attractive to users who are conserving their material or those that just prefer shorter sessions.
    • UPDATE 2/6/2017: DaVinci now offers spacers for the IQ.
  • I personally like the smart path functionality, but I can see that it really won’t add much value for those who only like to take 1-2 draws before ending their session.

Final Thoughts

The IQ is the smallest and most technically-savvy portable vaporizer unit in the DaVinci line. It may be a bit pricier than other portable vaporizers on the market, but its unique look and feel, solid construction, all-ceramic air path, smart path technology, and bluetooth app integration really set this vaporizer apart from the crowd. Overall, the IQ is a reliable choice for users who like to vaporize dry herbs in sessions. However, if you prefer to vape concentrates or just want to take one two draws at a time, then the IQ may not be for you.

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