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Dr. Dabber SWITCH Vaporizer Review

The Dr. Dabber SWITCH is a dual-use vaporizer with an induction heating setup. Dual-use vaporizers are designed to allow patients to consume both concentrates and dried herb using a different mode on the same device. Some drawbacks of dual functionality vaporizers are that these units tend to be bigger, heavier, and more pricey than other single-mode desktop vaporizers. Regardless, the SWITCH still gets a big thumbs up from our team.

The Good

  • The SWITCH completely revolutionizes the traditional dab experience with its simple button layout, rapid heating, and self-cleaning cycle.
  • Oil mode is good enough on its own to justify the cost of the vaporizer.
  • Outstanding battery life—can get up to 150 uses on a single charge.
  • No down-time while charging; the device can be used while plugged in.
  • Quick heat up time—reach desired temperatures in under 5 seconds.
  • Customizable LED lights add a bit of fun and flair to your medication experience, while also making it obvious when the device is being heated (red) and ready to use/inhale (green).

The Bad

  • Despite being marketed as a dual-use vaporizer, the flower mode leaves more to be desired. Dried herbs tend to burn unevenly causing lackluster vapor quality reminiscent of burnt popcorn. We only recommend using the SWITCH for concentrates.
  • Regular maintenance is required and no cleaning materials are provided other than alcohol wipes (more on that below).
  • No backup/replacement dishes are provided in the kit, although you can purchase them directly from Dr. Dabber.

The SWITCH Is Best For Vaporizing Oil

The SWITCH gets its name from the single switch on the bottom of the device that allows you to quickly change between vaporizing concentrates and dried herbs.

When in oil mode, the SWITCH acts as a full-fledged electronic dab rig. Taking dabs with the SWITCH is a very pleasurable experience, making the device worth the investment in its own right. We think you’ll be hard pressed to find a better e-rig for under $300.

Dr. Dabber SWITCH Vaporizer Review

Dabbing concentrates ” gets a bad rap as a pastime for partiers, but medicating with concentrates (e.g., shatter, budder, sugar, etc.) can be especially comforting and cost effective for medical marijuana patients. Unfortunately, methods for dabbing have traditionally been cumbersome and frankly dangerous. This can be particularly overwhelming and intimidating for beginners.

So are the days over of using a blow torch to heat a titanium nail? Thankfully, we think so. Regardless of your experience level, you’re able to use the SWITCH to vaporize concentrates and get flavorful draws similar to the likes of a traditional dab rig without any of the risks, and that’s pretty awesome.

The SWITCH only takes an average of 5 seconds to heat up to the desired temperature; while similar vaporizers at the same price point take as much as 30 seconds to heat up to the same temperature. If you are someone with a busy schedule who desires to medicate multiple times per day, you’ll appreciate how easy it is to use. You’ll also appreciate the extra bit of time you gain using the SWITCH.

On top of all this, the device’s unique induction heating setup allows for the electronics housed in the device to be completely sealed off from the heating element. This removes the possibility of mechanical failure due to leakage. In fact, you could even pour water into the heating element of the SWITCH and it would simply bring the water inside the dish to a boil (although not recommended).

Cleaning Your Dr. Dabber SWITCH Is Essential

Nobody likes to think about cleaning vaporizers; but in this case, we need to highlight a few key points that make this product stand out from the rest.

For starters, the Dr. Dabber SWITCH is very easy to clean. It simply requires you to put the device on the highest temperature setting, then press and hold the button used to increase the temperature for about 1-2 seconds. If done correctly, the device LEDs will light up magenta and the SWITCH will begin to heat up to high temperatures in an effort to burn off any remaining oils left in the dish.

It’s a good thing it’s easy to clean because the device does require you to clean it every couple of days with regular/heavy use. Basically, whenever you see residue sitting in the bottom of the dish, you may want to consider running the cleaning cycle. Not only will having a clean dish and heating chamber make the SWITCH perform better overall, you’ll also experience a noticeable improvement in the flavor output.

You may want to note that the company does not provide any replacement oil or flower dishes, so be sure to treat the dishes that come with the SWITCH gently and to keep them as clean as possible at all times.

Before starting the cleaning process, there are some things you should know when using the Dr. Dabber SWITCH to make your experience better:

  1. You need to have the oil dish nested in the bottom of the heating chamber for the cleaning process to work. In fact, there is no way to heat or clean the device without the dish in place. The device will not allow you to run the cleaning cycle if no dish is detected in the heating chamber, or if the dish is not completely flush with the bottom of the heating chamber. Rest assured, the dishes are meant to be heated to very high temperatures, so you don’t have to worry about destroying the dishes provided when initiating the cleaning process.
  2. Consider taking the SWITCH to a different room in your house than the room you intend spending time in after running the cleaning cycle. The smell of resin burning is noxious at times and tends to linger for a few minutes after cleaning, so you’ll probably want to avoid running the cleaning mode while in your kitchen, bedroom, or main living area. A bathroom with a fan or a room with an open window will work to help ventilate the icky aroma that will inevitably be generated during the cleaning process. Don’t worry, it dissipates quickly.
  3. Use cotton swabs after the cleaning process to assist with cleanup. This will make absorbing the residual oil that pools up in the heating chamber a breeze after running the cleaning cycle. To save energy and to make cleaning the unit easier the next time around, you will want to remove any remaining oil before it cools down and begins to get hard and sticky (usually after 3-4 minutes). Included in the kit are alcohol wipes which can be used to clean the device when the power is OFF– just be sure to let the alcohol dry completely before attempting to use the device. Unfortunately, there are no cotton swabs provided in the bundle, so you will want to pick up some sooner rather than later so you are prepared when it is time to clean the unit. They do a good job of absorbing material quickly, and you can easily toss them when the cleaning is done. We recommend cotton swabs with a precision tip because the tips are more tightly formed and are much better at getting into small places. We are also strong believers that your morning routine sets the tone for the rest of the day. Therefore, it is a good habit to get into cleaning (and charging) the SWITCH before going to bed. This way, you are ready to take on the next day without any hassles.
  4. The water in the bubbler attachment should be replaced before each use, especially when using the flower mode. Without cleaning your water source, there is a good chance the vapor will have a tinge of oil/flower flavor in it (which may sound good, but we promise you it’s not). If you plan to interchange between vaporizing oil and dried herbs multiple times per day and care about vapor quality and saving time, you may want to invest in a separate device for vaporizing flowers — or be prepared for a rigorous cleaning regimen before each use.

How To Charge The SWITCH Vaporizer

The SWITCH has remarkable battery life and can get up to 150 uses on a single charge. For the average user this means well over a week of use on a single charge. Add to that the convenience of pass-through charging, and you can choose to use the SWITCH whichever way fits your life. This kind of efficiency and versatility in a device as powerful as the SWITCH is simply unheard of. Taking into account that a full charge takes only 60 minutes, it’s safe to say the SWITCH is in a league of its own.

Final Thoughts

All in all, the Dr. Dabber SWITCH is a great unit. For what it lacks on the dry herb setting, it makes up for on the oil setting. The SWITCH is so much easier to use than traditional dab rigs and the flavor is way better than what you get from an overheated titanium nail. If you are looking for a quality e-rig that won’t cost you a fortune, then we recommend giving the SWITCH a try.

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