• Hi-Fi Bar from Milk Chocolate With Almonds
  • Hi-Fi Bar from Milk Chocolate With Almonds
  • Hi-Fi Bar from Milk Chocolate With Almonds

Hi-Fi Milk Chocolate Bar With Almonds

Hi-Fi Medical Cannabis Bars are available to MMJ patients for donations anywhere between $12-20/edible, depending on the dispensary or collective you are apart of.

These milk chocolate bars do contain almonds, so if you have an allergy to peanuts you may want to consider the other Hi-Fi bar consisting of nothing but milk chocolate.

“The Hi-Fi bar goes great with a glass of milk to start or end the day in a peaceful haze you can feel within 30 minutes or so…”

Additionally, there is 200mg of THC and 29mg of CBD infused into each Hi-Fi bar. This amount of cannabinoids equates to roughly 3-5 servings depending on your tolerance level when consuming cannabis in edible form. With each serving, patients can expect a relaxing trance begin to creep up after 30 minutes.

As always, a good rule of thumb is to allow roughly 1 hour for the full effect of an edible to be at its most noticeable point. It could take much less time to hit you, depending on how full your stomach is, what you are medicating with, your tolerance level, and many other factors.

The Hi-Fi bars are most popular among medical marijuana patients for providing pain relief, easing stress and anxiety symptoms, and helping patients get the necessary rest the body needs to heal. As you would expect from any potent edible, the Hi-Fi bar is going to create a prolonged, long-lasting effect that will make you feel good for hours on end.

If you are a valid medical marijuana patient in San Diego, these Hi-Fi bars are available via Point Loma Patient Association.

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