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Introducing The First Portable Vaporizer With Dual Bowls


  • Released: March 2014
  • Manufactured By: Haze Technologies
  • Manufactured In: China
  • Designed In: Georgia
  • Designed For:
    • Dry Herb
    • Extract
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For those who are searching for an alternative to smoking, you may want to check out a vaporizer. A vaporizer is a unit that allows you to heat your product (whether it’s dry herbs, concentrates, or oils), without reaching combustion. Vaporizers are popular for their ability to be healthy and stealthy. With no odor or smell, you can get away with vaporizing almost anywhere.

The Haze Is A Portable Vaporizer By Haze Technologies

“The dual-bowl system allows the user to easily vaporize two different materials (dried herbs, concentrates, and/or oils) interchangeably — at their discretion.”

As the knowledge around and creation of many different types of oils, waxes, and concentrates continues to spread across society, more and more people are beginning to vaporize for the first time — especially on the go. Because of this, vaporizer manufacturers are forced to come up with some pretty creative ways of handling the demand for portable vaporizers.

One question vaporizer companies need to be asking themselves is: Instead of making multiple vaporizers for each scenario (dry herbs, concenrates, and/or oils), why not combine all methods of vaporization in one unit?

Introducing The First Portable Vaporizer With Dual Bowls

The Haze vaporizer by Haze Technologies skips this step entirely by including a patented dual-bowl system in the vaporizer’s design. The dual-bowl system allows the user to easily vaporize two different materials (dried herbs, concentrates, and/or oils) interchangeably — at their discretion. To get started using the Haze vaporizer, all that is required is a charged battery and some sort of dry herb, concentrate, or oil to fill the bowl(s).

The chamber size of the Haze vaporizer is very similar to that of the Arizer Solo. There are 4 distinct temperature settings which are displayed on the front with LED indicators. The Haze vaporizer can reach any of the 4 distinct temperature settings (which are displayed on the front with LED indicators), in just 90 seconds. Not bad when you consider some competing pen vaporizers, such as the Cloud V Phantom, takes nearly 2 minutes to warm up.

Introducing The First Portable Vaporizer With Dual Bowls

Additionally, each chamber in the Haze vaporizer is separated by a stainless steel protective wall that permits each chamber to heat up at different temperatures. What this does is allow you to vaporize each of your materials at the correct temperature while avoiding combustion. Once at the desired temperature, the Haze vaporizer contains a patented heat-exchange mechanism to provide a cool vapor output. The glass mouthpiece is a nice touch.

How Do I Use The Haze Portable Vaporizer?

In the video below, you will see how easy the Haze Vaporizer is to use. The unit is built off one unique concept: fill the dual-bowls with your desired materials and then select which bowl to vaporize by pushing the top piece left or right to reveal either a full circle or empty circle. These symbols correspond directly with the bowls you packed on the interior of the unit.

  1. Slide open the battery hatch located on the bottom of the unit.
  2. Insert 1 haze rechargeable battery (positive end up).
  3. Open the grated “window” by pushing it upward.
  4. Select the desired bowl to begin filling your all-purpose can, dried-herb screen, or e-liquid wick.
    • For wax/concentrates: Remove the silicone lid and cotton wick from the all-purpose can and place the material in the center of the stainless steel can using the provided tool. Replace the lid and put the can back into the bowl.
    • For dried herbs: Dried herbs should be finely grounded and placed loosely in the screen or all-purpose can. Replace lid and place the all-purpose can in the bowl.
    • For e-liquids/oils: Remove the silicone lid and fill the all-purpose can until wick is damp. Be careful not to overfill it or it will leak. Replace lid and put unit back together to start vaporizing.
  5. Close door shut by snapping it downward.
  6. Turn switch on top of unit to select the bowl with the same icon as the bowl you just packed. You can flip the switch the opposite way to select the other bowl.
  7. Flip the unit upside down and give it a flick of the wrist to extend the unit’s mouthpiece (it’s hidden in the unit).
  8. Press the top button to select your desired temperature level. The LED lights will blink as it preheats until it reaches the desired temperature level, in which case it will turn solid.
  9. Inhale slow and steady. Take as many draws as needed, until the taste turns to something similar to burnt popcorn. Somewhere in between 4-20 draws, depending on how hard you are inhaling, how the unit is packed, its temperature setting, and what material you are vaporizing.
Introducing The First Portable Vaporizer With Dual Bowls

What’s Included With Each Haze Vaporizer Purchase?

Each Haze vaporizer is complete with 2 rechargeable batteries, wall charger, cleaning tool, material tool, 2 convection screens, 2 conduction screens, 2 all-purpose cans, glass/stainless steel mouthpieces, user guide, and instructional video disc. For those looking for discreet styling options, the Haze vaporizer comes in midnight blue (as photographed here), graphite, orchid and absinthe.

If you are a forgetful person, this vaporizer has a 5-minute-auto-shut-off built in to preserve battery life. Not that it needs it; the Haze is powered by a long-lasting, rechargeable, external Lithium-Ion battery. The unit is extremely light weight and is backed by a rare 10 year warranty.

My only complaint is that the bowls only hold a small amount of ground dry-herb, requiring multiple re-fills for a heavy user. It would be great for the next generation Haze to include a larger bowl for dry-herbs. However, I will say that the current bowl size is perfect for concentrates and oils.

Introducing The First Portable Vaporizer With Dual Bowls

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