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Master Skunk From The San Fernando Valley

Master Skunk Hybrid (what's this?)

Originally bred by Mr. Nice Seeds, the Master Skunk strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid that stems from two popular hybrid strains. It is known for its heavy effects, and some batches carry a chem-like aroma that reminds me of moth balls.

Master Skunk Strain: Master Kush X Skunk #1

I came across this batch of the Master Skunk strain on my recent trip to SFVDM, and I was definitely impressed with what I saw. Although the budtender I spoke to didn’t seem to have much of an idea about its genetic lineage, common logic led me to the conclusion that Master Skunk was the result of crossing the Master Kush and the Skunk #1 strains. Sure enough, my research confirmed this belief.

Whereas the Skunk #1 strain is just about a 50/50 hybrid, Master Kush leans much more closely to the Indica end of the spectrum. Given those genetics, one would expect the Master Skunk strain to display Indica-dominant tendencies.

Of course, each phenotype of the Master Skunk strain will be slightly different; it’s not impossible to come across a batch that leans more to the Sativa side of things, but it is pretty unlikely. Nonetheless, slight differences in the strain’s environment (CO2 levels, Nutrients used, light spectrum, etc.) during cultivation can greatly affect the terpene profile of a given strain, which can play a huge role in its effectiveness.

How Will The Master Skunk Cannabis Strain Affect Me?

Judging from my experience with the Master Kush and Skunk #1 strains, I knew that I was in for a treat with the Master Skunk strain. I assumed that I could expect an intense Indica body melt, and by no means was I disappointed on that note.

“The effects I experienced when medicating with the Master Skunk strain are best described as stress relieving and analgesic.”

This batch of the Master Skunk strain carried an strong aroma that was somewhat similar to that of the Chemdawg strain. However, it carried an even deeper aroma that conjured images of playing with moth balls as a kid.

The effects I experienced when medicating with the Master Skunk strain are best described as stress relieving and analgesic. It was ideal for late night medicating when I was in need of minor pain relief, and soothed my anxiety when medicating during the day.

Overall, I would consider the Master Skunk strain to be a great option for patients in search of a relaxing strain for night-time use. It could be beneficial for those suffering from insomnia, depression, PTSD, and more.

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