• Mr. Sandman Brownie from CannaLicious Baking
  • Mr. Sandman Brownie from CannaLicious Baking

Mr. Sandman Brownie Made With Hash Oil

These Mr. Sandman Chocolate Brownies are crafted by CannaLicious Baking and sold for $10/edible. If you are a patient in San Diego, you can find them at Point Loma Patient Association.

I’ve spent a lot of time recently seeking out the perfect edibles for good deals. While looking around, I’ve encountered more brownies than any other type of edible. This would make sense, as brownies have always been the standard go-to “stoner” baked good of choice. After all, the only real difference between a real batch of brownies and a medicated batch is what you put in it. Simply exchange the oil or butter the recipe calls for with a much more medicated version, and you are good to go.

“Mr. Sandman brownies left more to be desired in the taste and potency categories.”

These specific edibles by CannaLicious Baking are infused with hash oil rather than our preferred canna-butter method. This creates a less-than desirable after-taste that is noticeable in the end-product; these chocolate brownies had a slight bitterness to them that was not as creamy and decadent as I would have liked.

The main active ingredient that adds medication is hash butter. Other ingredients may include flour, sugar, honey, eggs, milk, baking powder/soda, oatmeal, granola, chocolate, M&M’s, and more. The package says 8/10 dose which I honestly can not figure out. I consumed the entire brownie with little results. Definitely not the most potent or effective brownie I have come across in the last few weeks. The lack of taste, lack-luster frosting, and lack of potency left more to be desired. Will not be ordering this specific brownie from this specific company again any time soon.

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