Cloud Vaporizer Pen from Cloud V Enterprises, Inc.

The Cloud Vaporizer Pen By Cloud V


  • Released: October 2012
  • Manufactured By: Cloud V Enterprises
  • Manufactured In: China
  • Designed In: California
  • Designed For:
    • Extract
    • Liquid (sold sep.)
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We would like to thank Cloud V Enterprises, Inc. for providing us with the next product we will be reviewing, the Cloud Vaporizer Pen. The Cloud is one of the many similar models of mini vaporizer pens to hit the market in the past few years, but placed 3rd for Best Product Of The Year in the 2013 High Times LA Cannabis Cup. We can understand why.

Now before jumping to conclusions and saying things such as, “this is the same thing as the Micro G pen,” give us a chance to explain to you why this is not the case. Although the pen is very similar to the Micro G (and many other vaporizer pens on the market), the difference lies in the cartridge. I will explain what I mean after a general overview of the product. After reviewing a number of these vaporizer pens, we have come to realize that many of these types of pens are just rebranded, chinese manufactured E-cigs. That being said, people are still using them and they enjoy it too. We are not one of those people. Here’s why…

What Is The Cloud Vaporizer Pen?

The Cloud Vaporizer Pen retails for about $70 on the company’s website. However, we are told that if you catch them at a trade show, you may see them sold for as low as $40. The Cloud comes in a clean white package with only a picture of the vaporizer and the word “Cloud” on it (reminds me of iPhone packaging). Inside the box is the pen, a vague informational card and a box containing the wall plug and USB cable for charging. The product doesn’t come with any detailed instructions for use, charging or cleaning the unit (neither does the website).


The card that comes with the product informs you to charge the unit fully before use, tells you how to unlock and lock the device (by pressing button three times in a rapid succession), and informs you that the battery life typically lasts 1-2 days of continuous use (this is pretty accurate). It also notes that the Cloud has a built in safety feature that will temporarily deactivate the atomizer after 15 seconds of continuous vaporization.

“The Cloud Vaporizer Pen itself is extremely portable and perfect for any occasion. Whether it’s on a ski lift, or at the dinner table in a crowded restaurant, it’s so small that you can hide it in a closed fist while you puff away.”

At 4 inches in length and 3/8 of an inch in diameter, the Cloud can fit just about anywhere which makes it perfect for on the go. While some girls may have trouble fitting the unit in their short pockets, guys’ deeper pockets have no problem fitting it comfortably along with a cell phone. This is by far the best thing about this product and probably why it took the prize at the Cannabis Cup. Although no one has quite perfected this size of vaporizer pen, this company is getting closer.

However, I have found that the battery and cartridge sometimes come apart when carrying the pen in my pocket. You have to make sure that the battery is engaged every time you take it out for this reason. Even so, the mouthpiece has never slid off the cartridge (exposing the bowl) in my pocket like my Micro G did many times, leaking oil everywhere.


We have not experienced any spillover issues like we did with the Micro G, and are unsure what causes the difference between the two. The only thing that is different between the two units is the metal screen that sits above the Micro G’s heating element.

We found that the screen would prevent the oil from full reaching the heating element and leftover oil would dry up in the screen and melt down during later sessions; often times ruining the taste of the hit. Anything packed in the Cloud pen is always completely vaporized because of easy and direct access to the heating element.

If you find that reclaim is building up in your Cloud cartridge (and it keeps creating smoke no matter how long you press the button) it is probably because your essential oils or concentrates are either not full melt, or they have plant matter and/or contaminates in them. We found that when using only top shelf concentrates, the cartridge life was much longer and there was no build-up of oil on or around the heating element.

How To Use The Cloud Vaporizer Pen

True to its name, the Cloud Vaporizer produces huge hits of vapor with the ability to choke you out if you are not ready for them. The best thing about this pen is that there’s absolutely no learning curve. All you have to do is pack it up, press the button down and inhale. Since all the pieces of the unit are made out of metal or ceramic, the vapor produced tastes clean and flavorful. In addition, no plastic pieces are heated in the process unlike the Cloud’s e-cigarette cousins.

“The Cloud Vaporizer is made for oils and waxes only, and is extremely simple to load. While oils and waxes are easy to use, drier concentrates and crumbles are more difficult to vape with the unit.”

Though chunks of dry concentrate will tend to get stuck on the inside of the metal bowl and not fully melt down onto the heating element, we found that you can fix this by taking a hot dab tool and melting the concentrate down when you pack the bowl. This will provide for more even vaporization of your product when your concentrate is in a more liquid or oily form.

Do not attempt to use dry herb or any concentrate that is not full-melt; it will only burn whatever is in contact with the coil and will leave a mess of the cartridge. If you make a mistake with some concentrate you thought was full-melt, do not fret.

The cartridges are known to burn out every once in a while, and are meant to be replaceable. A replacement only costs $11.99 on the Cloudvapes website. Many would consider this pen a “semi-disposable” option for this reason. I wish Cloud V would recognize that fact and sell their cartridges in packages of 5 or so to make our lives easier.


We spoke with a Cloud representative who advised us on the loading and cleaning of the cartridges, and he informed us that most cases where the cartridges need replacing are caused by inaccurate usage during these two dealings. He advised us not to push on the heating element with tools, and avoid over-packing the bowl. Packing too much sticky oil in the pen has been known to cause problems as well because the cartridge cannot breathe, so to speak.

Sometimes when the heating element gets too dry you experience problems as well. The vapor produced when the heating element is getting dry tastes a little burnt, but you really have to let it get to its end for this to happen. Although the company claims that the unit is wick-less, after a closer look, it is apparent that there is in fact some sort of wick in the bowl.

The heating element is essentially a coil that is wrapped around some type of fiber that stretches the length of the ceramic bowl (similar to the design of heating elements in e-cig atomizers). We are not sure if the coil burning the fiber causes the burnt taste we described above, but it was clearly turning the fiber brown after holding the button down for the full fifteen-second cycle (during a dry burn).

Battery Life & Charging The Cloud

The battery seems to last forever with this thing; at least a day to a day and a half of heavy use. When it dies, you can plug it into your USB port or wall charger and use it while it charges. The Cloud only takes about 45 minutes to charge and the representative informed us that the unit should not be plugged in much longer than that (in order to get the most out of your battery life).


Apparently a constant charge is not good for the battery on the Cloud Vape. No worries though, their batteries are covered by lifetime warranties so if you have a defective battery (as long as there’s no physical damage on it), all you have to do is send it to them and they will replace it. More information about troubleshooting can be found here.

Don’t Be Fooled By Other Imitation Cloud Vaporizer Companies

While a Google search result will show you a number of “Cloud” vaporizer companies, the real website is Don’t be fooled by imitation products put out by Cloudpenz. The “Cloud2.0” vaporizer sold by Cloud Vapez Inc. is made by a, “different manufacturer with inferior, cheaper parts,” according to a statement put out by Cloud V Enterprises.

This Cloud Vaporizer company is not related to the Cloud2.0, and are currently in the middle of a lawsuit that will hopefully prevent even more customers from being deceived by knock-offs.

This is all a bit humorous to us, considering that with a simple search on for wholesale “pen vaporizers, you can see that all these vaporizer pen companies are copies of each other. How can they possibly say who’s copying who?

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