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The Secret Cup: Expert Hash Makers Compete For The US Crown, Bragging Rights

There’s no doubt about it. Cannabis concentrates are becoming more popular everyday. It seems like every booth at events like the LA Medical Cannabis Cup has some form of sample dabs available to draw more attention. So, it only made sense when a group of hash makers decided to pursue a competition of their own.

Now in its third year, the Secret Cup has earned a reputation as one of the best events the cannabis industry has to offer. What really makes the competition tick is that the founders placed an emphasis on low entry fees for competitors and blind peer-testing to ensure fairness. It truly is a national tournament made by hash makers, for hash makers.

The first Secret Cup event was held in Los Angeles in 2012, followed by another in Denver. By then, the “secret” was out – hash makers from throughout the US made the trip to show their skills and compete for the Secret Cup crown.

The Secret Cup Sweeps The Nation In 2013

The competition would gain even more traction in the year that followed. The Secret Cup’s founder, Daniel de Sailles, expanded the event in favor of a nationwide tournament (coined the Kumite of hash), with regional qualifiers in Los Angeles, Seattle, the San Francisco Bay, and Denver.

“Taking the first place belt was the only female in the competition, Mortimer Says.”

In traditional grassroots fashion, buzz for last year’s Secret Cup competition continued to grow throughout the year.

For obvious reasons, hash makers from all over jumped at the chance to rub shoulders with the best in their craft and show their skills.

The first event (in LA) only gave awards for the “best shatter” and “best budder” entries, but more were added for the competitions that remained. In fact, competitors received honors for highest THC, highest CBD, highest terpenes, best solventless, and more as the year progressed.

That being said, the top three overall finishers from each region, plus the top 3 finishers from the 2012 event in Denver, were invited to compete in the Secret Cup Finals this past December. Taking the first place belt was the only female in the competition, Mortimer Says, with Dank Wax Inc. and Chalice rounding out the top 3.

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The Secret Cup 2014: Bigger, Better, Slightly Less Secret

Piggy backing on the success of last year, The Secret Cup stands to keep the momentum going in 2014. However, it is not intended for the general public. Like the name suggests, the actual competition is held in a private location; it’s only open to competitors and VIP ticket-holders ($250 for 2 tickets).

Still, each Secret Cup competition is rounded out by an awards show to announce the winners and celebrate as a community. Unlike the cup itself, the awards shows are open to the public – they typically feature over 30 vendors, live music, live glass blowing, and more.

“Secret Cup events will be introduced on the east coast and in Las Vegas (desert region) in 2014, for a total of 6 regional competitions.”

New this year is the introduction of the connoisseur’s sample pack ($1,000), which gives 7 people a chance to experience all the perks of being a Secret Cup competitor; the pack includes 2 tickets, 1 VIP goodie bag, and a sample pack of all 42 cup entries.

Further, Secret Cup events will be introduced on the east coast and in Las Vegas (desert region) in 2014, for a total of 6 regional competitions.

On that note, de Sailles says it will be particularly exciting to see the quality of concentrates that hash makers from other regions bring to the mix. “We’ve had a few competitors from the southwest before, but I haven’t had a chance to see what kind of flavors the east coast guys are coming with yet,” he explains.

That being said, the Las Vegas and east coast events are both a few months out and no hard date has been determined, but organizers insist they will happen.

In the meantime, the first event of the year will hit Southern California (LA area) next month, with more regionals slated for Northern California (May), the Pacific Northwest (June), and Denver (August).

There will be a total of 42 competitor slots available for each regional. Unfortunately, those who wish to compete in this year’s Secret Cup will have to wait until the Pacific Northwest event if they’ve not already secured a spot – the SoCal and NorCal events each filled up within the first week of accepting applications.

The 2014 SoCal Secret Cup will be held March 21-22. Those interested in tickets may find them here. Enter the coupon code “MEDICAL” for $20 off general admission or VIP Package – offer expires Feb. 28.

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